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Android Application development

This course is ideal for anyone, who is eager to learn Mobile Application Development for making a career or expanding their business. This Course is designed in such a way that anyone who doesn’t know anything about software programming or coding can also learn it. This course shall cover all aspects through 53 modules and practical applications.

After Successfully completing all modules, you will receive a certificate from Worldwide Skills Training Private Limited, an ISO 9001: 2015 company.

Course Level



42 Hours

Course Duration

2 month  Weekday / Weekend/ Sunday only

Course Modules

53 module classroom Training

Android Application Development

Android OS (Operating Systems), was developed by Android Inc, and eventually purchased by google. It is based on open source software like Java, primarily for mobile touchscreen devices, to deliver a complete solution to connect millions of devices around the world. Android OS is not a programming language, but is a stack of software for mobile devices. The android has its own SDK (Software Development Kit) which has all the tools required to develop mobile applications or apps on its platform. Hence, the android developer course enables you to learn basic Android software development concepts, which is a process of building new applications for devices running on Android OS.


Why  Android application Development ?

A key distinction in the smartphone industry is the discernible evolution of the technology. The outcome of Android Development has gone beyond expectations with promising result in the World’s Economy. It has the potential of growing up to a $125 billion market by 2020. Also, it is estimated that by 2022, it will produce more than 25 lakh jobs in india. Today, every business wants to be connected to more number of customers and have a better visibility. An application on the mobile phone/device, makes it simple. Hence, app development and maintenance is becoming a necessity of the market for achieving their business aspirational goals.

Our syllabus cover 53 module

Certification from Worldwide Skills Training Pvt Ltd,, An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company

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