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Corporate Communication

This course is ideal for anyone, who is eager to learn the world of communicating better in this diverse world, whether it is the corporate, or with families. The corporate communication will touch upon all the necessary aspects for a person’s wholesome view on communication.
This course shall cover all aspects through 12 modules and practical applications.

After Successfully completing all modules, you will receive a certificate from Worldwide Skills Training Private Limited, an ISO 9001: 2015 company .

Course Level



40 Hours

Course Duration

2 month  Weekday / Weekend/ Sunday only

Course Modules

12 module classroom Training

Corporate communication


Corporate Communication is the key factor that ensures a corporation stays afloat in today’s dynamic world and maintain it’s credibility. It is a management function or a department where all internal and external communications happen in a workplace. It enables the manager to have a distinctive identity  and is imperative to an enterprise’s survival in the modern age.

Why You need to learn Corporate communication?

The Internet has revolutionised how we communicate – and this is particularly true in the present business environment. Corporate communications improves the quality of decisions, and the perception of the masses and media, which significantly contribute to the organization’s success. Corporate communication is a means of communicating strategic positioning in the community and marketplace. Effective corporate communications is essential to convey the purpose of a business, hence this post holds a very important and special place in any organization.

Our syllabus cover 12 module

Certification from Worldwide Skills Training Pvt Ltd, An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company

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What You Learn ?

12 Modules

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