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Master's in Web Development

This course is ideal for anyone, who is eager to understand what a website development entails and how to design, write content, connect, and host amongst various other things for a website on the intranet or extranet.

This Course is designed in such a way that anyone who doesn’t know anything about website development can also learn it. This course shall cover all aspects through 36 modules and practical trainings.

After Successfully completing all modules, you will receive a certificate from Worldwide Skills Training Private Limited, an ISO 9001: 2015 company.

Course Level



72 Hours

Course Duration

3 month Weekday / Weekend/ Sunday only

Course Modules

24 module classroom Training

Web Development

Web development is anything and everything involved in the creation of a website. This process includes web designing, coding, content development, network security configuration, and client/server-side scripting plus many other tasks. It also involves either developing or studying the inputs. It is the coding or programming that enables a website’s functionality.

Why You need to learn web Development ?

As businesses are moving towards the online platforms, every entity needs to have their establishment and it’s visibility on the web. This can happen only by having your own space or website. This makes it imperative for companies to get the website created and designed in a manner which matches their ethos and outlook. It is estimated that employment for web developers will add at least 50k jobs yearly by 2025, much faster than most other occupations. Every organization in existence is finding and interacting with people via the web, making the position of web developer one of the most sought after.

Our syllabus cover 24 module

Certification from Worldwide Skills Training Pvt Ltd. An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.

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What You Learn ?

24 Modules

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